World space torques for character animation under simulation

Presented at the SIGGRAPH 2006 Sketches program

Pawel Wrotek, Electronic Arts
Odest Chadwicke Jenkins, Brown University
Morgan McGuire, Williams College

Extended Abstract (PDF)
Presentation (PPT)


This sketch describes a novel insight for combining mocap with simulation in real-time. We demonstrate that promoting joint target angles to world space produces stable playback of motion capture in the presence of dynamic constraints and continuous physical simu- lation. We report that motor gains in world space are more stable and require less manual tuning than in parent space. Our approach also provides physically plausible motion blending due to simula- tion torque limits. We demonstrate a boxing video game, similar to [Zordan and Hodgins 2002], in which the fighters realistically stagger under the impact of attacks while performing captured ani- mations.


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