Dr. McGuire and Williams Graphics in the Press

2017-05-11VR FocusNvidia Working On Reducing VR Latency And Replacing The Keyboard
2017-05-11Road to VRNVIDIA Demonstrates Experimental 16,000Hz AR Display
2017-05-11NVIDIAWhat’s Next for VR?
2016-12-29WAMCVirtual Reality on VoxPop
2016-09-30WAMCWilliams College Pushing Virtual Reality Beyond Science Fiction
2016-03-10WAMCWilliams College professor talks virtual reality advances
2015-09-20PolygonSkylanders: Superchargers Review: Wheels Up
2015-04-18Gamers with JobsBloodborne, Rocket Golfing, and Procedural Games
2015-03-02PCGamesNReality check: What developers really think of DirectX 12
2013-09-19TheHDRoomSkylanders Swap Force Preview: Inside the Halls of Vicarious Visions
2013-09-19Shack NewsSkylanders Swap Force, shaking up the emerging toy-game genre
2013-08-01Brown CS BlogNew Edition of Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice
2013-07-30games.on.netNVIDIA to offer a cloud-based light rendering solution for games and simulations
2013-07-30Capsule ComputersNVIDIA reveals Cloud-Based Lighting System CloudLight
2013-07-30Tom's HardwareNvidia Intros Cloud-Based Light Rendering Tech
2013-07-29GamingBoltNVIDIA introduces cloud-based lighting tech with CloudLight
2013-07-29Hard OCPNVIDIA's CloudLight Cloud Rendering
2013-07-29Shack NewsNVIDIA CloudLight tech demo shows off cloud-rendered lighting
2013-07-29VG24/7NVIDIA CloudLight demo shows cloud-based lighting tech
2013-02-10Williams Feature StoryA 3D Printer Debuts at Williams
2013-02-05DestructoidSkylanders: Swap Force
2012-01-12Williams Press ReleaseWilliams College Awards Eight Faculty Members with Tenure
2010-04-22SIGGRAPHITITechnical Papers Sneak Peek
2010-03-16SIAM NewsThe Making of a Great Modern Game Designer
2010-02-19GameSpyA New Era for Videogame Graphics?
2010-02-19TG DailyNew graphics algorithm promises film quality games
2009-12-17North Adams TranscriptProf's research to improve video game quality
2009-12-07Williams Press ReleaseWilliams College Awarded NSF Grant for Atomic Force Microscope
2009-04-30MIT Infinite ConnectionApply Game Design as a Science for Public Policy to Rescue Economy, Planet
2009-03-11iBerkshires.com"Creating Games," Subject of Book by Professor Morgan McGuire of Williams College
2009-03-10Williams Press Release"Creating Games," Subject of Book by Professor Morgan McGuire of Williams College
2009-02-28Real-Time Rendering BlogNVIRT, a mini-blog, and "Creating Games"
2008-11-14Berkshire EagleSerious fun: storytelling and strategy
2008-4-25New York TimesThat Book Costs How Much?
2007-7-4North Adams TranscriptNational treasures no secret
2007-1-23Berkshire EagleNot just fun and easy: Gaming to learn strategies
2006-12-12Berkshire EagleGaming lecture educates gift-givers
2006-12-06Press ReleaseConfused? Williams Prof. will Help Game Players and Their Parents Unlock Hidden Content of Video Games and Consoles
2006-12-06The Williams RecordVideo game enthusiasts line up for new PlayStations
2006-12-05iBerkshires.comCollege Offers Video Game Aid To Parents!
2006-11-30North Adams TranscriptNot everyone eager for a PS3
2006-11-29PC MagazineRole-playing, adventure, and, of course, violent gunplay
2005-08-14ffwdAugust Tidings from August
2005-08-11GamasutraTechnical Event Wrap Up: SIGGRAPH 2005
2005-06-01millimeterSeeds of Excitement: SIGGRAPH 2005 Papers
2004-08-01GamasutraA Game Developer's Review of SIGGRAPH 2004
2003-07-31FlipcodeA Game Developer's Review of SIGGRAPH 2003
2002-07-31FlipcodeA Game Developer's Review of SIGGRAPH 2002: San Antonio
2001-07-31FlipcodeA Game Developer's Perspective of SIGGRAPH 2001
2000-07-31FlipcodeA Game Developer's Review of SIGGRAPH 2000: New Orleans